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Tough Guys Doc

 The Tough Guys Doc

Set it Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The film chronicles the rise and fall of MMA before the UFC.

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The “Tough Guys” are coming to a screen near you.  The film, inspired by Godfathers of MMA, is set to debut in 2016.  Stay tuned for this mixed martial arts movie.

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About the Author

Bill Viola Jr. is a Pittsburgh, PA based author, producer, and martial artist. His latest book, Godfathers of MMA, is now available.

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Godfathers of MMA

Godfathers of MMA


  • A legitimate jab at boxing--the league was hand built to compete them at the box office. It’s a shame it played out the way it did. They [Caliguri and Viola] were obviously ahead of their time.

    Larry Hunter
  • These guys came within an eyelash of a billion dollar payday. The UFC owes Pennsylvania politicians a big pat on the back because without them, they wouldn’t be in business today.

    Tim Zontek
  • Incredible to think a mixed martial arts revolution began in 1979... we just didn't know about it.

    Rocky Whatule, Zanshin Martial Arts


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